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​Discover a new way for
musicians to work!

Take your next step forward!

We need your help to revitalise
Awaji Island with music!




Work at Music Island


Music Island members are employed
by Pasona Group. While living on Awaji
Island, you can take on a variety of roles, such as
managing and running the facilities Pasona Group
has established, and getting involved in regional
revitalisation projects.

There are plentiful
opportunities to use your musical
talents by performing at various
on Awaji Island.

You will be able to continue
your creative and musical activities
uninterrupted while working. With our dual-career
model, we provide a safety net that allows you to
work and continue performing with peace of mind.



M-2 益子侑 (12).jpg

Music Island Job Description

Your Work for Pasona

Regional Revitalisation
Musical Activities

Activities organised by
the Music Island project.

① Performing in concerts and shows with fellow Music Island members.

➁ Music composition, arrangement, sound mixing etc.
③ Other related work.

Help run Pasona Group's
Awaji Island facilities in roles
such as customer service, retail, management, administration,
and planning. Provide backing music at certain facilities, play
in surprise performances,
and more.


​Your Music

You can work while continuing your personal musical and creative activities uninterrupted!

M-2 益子侑 (12).jpg

Keep your dreams and aspirations in sight, combine
your musical and creative passion with business savvy,

and help us build a society in which all musicians can enjoy peace of mind and freedom.

We can offer you the opportunity to balance
your work and creative endeavours

in the following ways.


​Benefits of Working
for Music Island

Ample performance

opportunities within

and without Pasona

Balance work

and performing

Acquire valuable

​business skills!

Work with colleagues

who understand music


benefits system

​≪Screening Process≫

Music Island candidates are selected according to the following process.

Stage 1

To apply, simply send us your ① resume, ② personal profile, and ③ video (performance of 2 songs of your choice) by email or post. We will then arrange an online interview.

​Stage 2

We will conduct a face-to-face interview and evaluate your musical ability based on musical pieces of your choice and selected by us on the day. We can conduct the interview on Awaji Island
or in To
kyo. Why not take the opportunity to visit Awaji Island? 

​Provisional Offer

We will discuss your workplace, regional revitalisation work, performance style etc, and confirm the terms of your contract. We can then give a tentative offer of employment. If you will move into company housing, this will also be discussed.

​Start Work

First, you will receive training, in which you will learn about Pasona Group's projects and history, its facilities on the Awaji island, and the island's many charms. Then, you can begin working and performing! Join us and breathe new life into Awaji Island ♪

~​Music Island Testimonials~

Let's hear from our musicians ♪


The peaceful natural surroundings of Awaji Island, far away from the stress of crowded trains and busy streets, make it the perfect place to focus on your music ♪ I just can't wait to play up a storm and create a new culture of music on this wonderful island with others who share the same passion and dreams!


​Tamami Ozawa


Since joining Music Island and coming to Awaji Island in December 2020, I've been planning and performing in concerts at Naminoritei while working service jobs mainly at Seikaiha and Nojima Scuola. Thanks to Music Island's wide variety of musicians, we can always come together to create great performances at the island's many West Coast facilities. That's what I enjoy most!

​Yuji Fujisaki

Now recruiting!
Music Island Application Form

Thank you ♪


​Regarding Handling of Personal Information

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