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Concerts ・ Requests ♪

We are performing at facilities
all over Awaji Island! It's our mission to fill
the island with music from coast to coast!

We also accept requests to perform both
on and off of Awaji Island ♪

<Performance Venues・Facilities>

Find us performing at these exciting venues among the lush nature of Awaji Island!


Facing out over the beautiful Harima Sea, Naminoritei provides that special atmosphere that only a small-scale theatre can. Here, you can enjoy a colourful variety of performances, from Music Island's original concerts, to musicals created by renowned directors, yose theatre, and more.


​ Zenbo Seinei

Zenbo Seinei is a Zen retreat and restaurant with dramatic 360° views of Awaji Island's lush, ever-changing nature and enchanting night skies. Blessed with clear mountain air and built upon the 135th meridian east (the "Path of the Sun" ley line), this spiritual sanctuary nestled in Japan's spiritual birthplace is truly one of a kind.

のじまスコーラ_01_外観 (5).jpg

​ Nojima Scuola

Located near the Nojima Fault, the epicentre of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Nojima Scuola was created by renovating the former Nojima Elementary School. The school was reborn into a space for nature, art, and exquisite cuisine that welcomes visitors of all ages. The playground now hosts events such as bon-odori that help foster bonds among  the local community.


 Ladybird Road

Inspired by the townscapes of Europe, Ladybird Road features restaurants serving Awaji Island's bountiful local ingredients, markets with freshly-harvested vegetables and other local produce. Breathe in the calm ambience and savour delicious flavours that you'll find nowhere else.



KITTY SMILE is a media art space and restaurant with decor inspired by the mythical Dragon Palace. From amongst coral and ocean fishes, Hello Kitty will appear to greet you dressed in dazzling neon colours! This all-weather facility can be enjoyed come rain or shine ♪


In addition to a gallery and twice-daily shows featuring playful Hello Kitty media art, visitors can also enjoy organic vegan cuisine that's as gentle and nutritious as it is beautiful to look at.

農家レストラン 陽・燦燦_01_外観(6).jpg

 ​Farmer's Restaurant Haru San San

At Haru San San, customers can enjoy freshly-harvested vegetables from the restaurant's own farm and lovingly cultivated ingredients from around Awaji Island. Throughout the year, the restaurant also offers chances to join in the harvest yourself, as well as fun workshops dedicated to health and nutrition.

青海波_00_全体 (1).jpg

​ Seikaiha

The Seikaiha complex is comprised of Japanese-style restaurant Ao no Ya, Western-style restaurant Umi no Ya, shop and bar Koshu no Ya, and the theatre Naminoritei. Get to know Awaji Island's "Kuniumi" culture and enjoy local seasonal food and drink.


 Craft Circus

Craft Circus' seaside location and bright, colourful surroundings bring a refreshing sense of freedom. Eat, drink, shop, and take in live performances and views of Awaji Island's sea and sunset, selected as one of Japan's 100 best. Craft Circus invites you to enjoy your time with a playful heart.

Check in
★ミエレ・ザ・ダイナー_01_外観 (1).jpg

 miele the DINER

This restaurant offers succulent, flavourful seafood matched with a great ocean view. Sit back and unwind on "island time" as you soak in the liberating atmosphere and savour the local cuisine.

フレンチの森_全体外観 (1).jpg

​ Auberge French Forest

Far from city noise and bustle, secluded in Awaji Island's tranquil nature, is French-style restaurant and inn Auberge. In one of three unique buildings, enjoy authentic French cuisine starring Awaji Island's finest seasonal ingredients while Music Island members provide an elegant serenade.


​ Aman no Shokutaku

Since long ago, Awaji Island has been known as a treasure trove of fresh ingredients, worthy even of the Imperial Court, earning it the title of "Miketsukuni". Surrounded by abundant seas and blessed with fertile land, Awaji Island offers fresh delights throughout every season.


​ miele the garden

This sophisticated resort location features unforgettable views of Awaji Island's sea and sunset, selected as one of Japan's 100 best. Soak in the sparkling sea vista as you relax among the vibrant green of the garden terrace. Enjoy casual dining with dishes starring local ingredients such as the island's famous onions and beef.

ミエレ_01_外観 (13).jpg


"Miele" is the Italian word for honey. Here, you can enjoy dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients, including, naturally, Awaji's very own honey. It's also the perfect spot to see the island's famously romantic sunset, chosen as one of Japan's 100 best.


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