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Become an
Awaji Island idol!

We offer support both to groups and individuals! We are seeking multitalented performers with instrumental skills in addition to song and dance!


For decades, staffing solutions company
Pasona Group has supported working women and artists. Now, in a new venture, we are looking to form an idol music group with an "oriental" and "stylish" theme, right here on Awaji Island!

We welcome performers of all music genres and styles. Successful applicants will travel from their Awaji Island base to perform all over Japan!

In addition to live concerts, we will also offer you the chance to challenge yourself and shine in music video shoots, media appearances, stage plays, musicals, and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!



Pasona Smile Inc.

Sales Promotion Division
Performance Planning Team


Hyogo Prefecture, Awaji City, Nojima-Okawa 70,

Seikaiha: Naminoritei


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