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"Music Island" gathers
musicians from all over Japan, challenging them to new ways of living and working as they
revitalize Awaji Island through
the power of music.

Music Island

One step ahead of myself


アンカー 1
アンカー 2

A masterclass from members of the Berlin Philharmonic!

Registration now open!​


Music Island
Study Weekend ♪


Experience the dual-career work style with
our practical "Music x Work" internship!

Over the course of a weekend, you can come
to Awaji Island, perform music in front of
audiences, learn about our revitalisation efforts
and take part in varied range of training sessions ♪

"What's it really like to work on Awaji Island?"

"I'd love to get to know the Music Island members!"

​​If you're a music student or graduate and this sounds like you,
we'd love to welcome you to Music Island.



​See Music Island's work in action and discover what we're all about!


Study with career
seminars and expand
your skillset!


Perform with
fellow Music Island
members ♪

Currently seeking viola,
cello, and ​trombonists!
If this opportunity interests you, please feel free to fill out the enquiry form below ♪
We are also seeking other musicians!
Please see the link below for details.

Thank you♪




~Musical & Opera Night~

"Musical & Opera Night" is our popular live music dinner show held at Western-style restaurant Umi no Ya. Look forward to an evening of dance and beloved classic songs from the world of West Side Story!

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Korari × 鼓淡1.jpg


We believe that arts and culture, such as music, are essential to a truly rich, full life. From Awaji Island, the mythical birthplace of Japan, we're promoting a new way of life that puts culture at its core.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of musicians and music-lovers alike. Who knows what exciting new encounters may be awaiting you on Awaji Island?

​What's it about?


What is "Music Island"?

What do we do?

The Music Island project gathers musicians from
all over Japan with the aim of promoting regional
revitalisation through music. Our musicians follow a dual-career
path that balances work and musical activities, affording them plentiful
opportunities to collaborate and perform with their fellow members.​

 Due to venue closures and the cancellation of concerts and plays
in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many musicians have
been left without opportunities to pursue their activities.

This project acts as a safety net for such musicians. Its
dual-career path offers peace of mind through stable
employment while providing venues for artists to
continue their musical activities. For these musicians,
who bring their dreams and ambitions from
all corners of Japan, we offer a new style of working
and living. This unique environment, situated in the
midst of lush, abundant nature, perfectly places
our members to contribute to the local community.

Korari × 鼓淡4.jpg


Ongakujima -Music Island- Office

〒656-2306    Hyogo Prefecture, Awaji City, Yumebutai 2, Tenbo Terrace

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